Thursday, April 21, 2016

From New Orleans to...

Most of my posts have been music that brass players have "stolen" from the classical music hall.  However, I thought I would share some different music that still follows this "stolen" theme.  Since, the early days of jazz, New Orleans style brass bands have existed and thrived in New Orleans and surrounding areas, while branching out with the innovations in recording and distribution technology.  Some groups outside of New Orleans have adopted this same instrumentation while playing music that would not be considered jazz.  One of these groups is Slavic Soul Party, a group I've enjoyed listening to for a number of years.  This group hails from Brooklyn, NY.  They label themselves as a Balkan Brass Band, with influences from "gypsy wizzadry," funk, and jazz.

My personal favorite track is "Taketron" the title track from their album of the same name.  The use of the same instruments as a New Orleans style group with a complete different sound and style is incredible to listen to.  

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