Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Trombone Collective

The most active and significant trombone ensemble in the world today has to be the New Trombone Collective.  The Dutch based trombone ensemble began as a collection of students and teachers at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2001, and his since grown into a world renowned group.  They have released numerous CD's and have pushed the boundaries of the capabilities of the large trombone ensemble.  Although their CD's have proven very successful, perhaps more significant is their appearances on DVD's and in live performances.  Even in the past 2-4 years, they have exponentially expanded their presence on youtube and through DVD releases, giving visual access to their audiences.

In addition to their incredible abilities musically, I admire their ability to push into the 21st century of classical music in terms of their style of live performance.  The days of a simple walk on to the stage and take a bow at the end are nowhere to be found with this group.  They possess a very refreshing balance of musical satisfaction and audience engagement through visual and/or dramatic means. 

Below are a few recent videos that I have just discovered recently.  Because the group is so active, it's tough to keep up with the material they put out!

This first video is an incredible mixture of pieces and styles that ends in an incredible jazz finale with legendary trombonist Jiggs Whigham as the soloist.  This was part of a historic concert in 2010 that featured over 20 trombonists.  The quality of this live performance is extremely impressive.

This second piece, Alice in Trombone Wonderland, written by Evert Josemanders, is an excellent example of the boundaries the New Trombone Collective pushes and breaks through.

And finally, an Astor Piazolla piece, Maria de Buenos Aires, performed here live in 2013 in Amsterdam.  Again, a complete different genre of music, that is performed to an incredibly high standard.  

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